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Several thousand websites are available to buy Paid Articles : blogs, directories, press, websites with high traffic or strong DA. You’re sure to find what you need! Starting from 10€ for the cheapest Paid Articles.   

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No crazy commission rates here! Ereferer pays its partners a fair price, letting them make 90% to 76.50% from their sales. Ereferer provides unmatched prices on the international marketplace!   

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Buy real Backlinks on the best website ! Bloomberg.com (DA 74), Buzzfeed.com, marketwatch.com (DA 73), etc - From 10€ !

About Ereferer

The Ereferer platform offers two distinct services:

·        A service to sell and buy articles;

·        A copywriting service.


The service to sell and buy articles allows you to leverage your website by selling sponsored articles to publishers, and helping...

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The best prices

The highest return rates available, hence the best prices!

A powerful filtering

A powerful filtering tool to quickly find listings that match your criteria!

Professional images

Professional images for your articles thanks to our partnership with 123RF.

Several thousand listings

Several thousand listings on which you can buy Paid Articles

Install the plugin

Install the plugin and you’re done! Just let the earnings roll in!

Quality control

Quality control: choose your writer, write it yourself or edit the partner’s post directly on the blog!

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