FAQ – Copywriting Projects

Are the images used by Ereferer royalty-free?

Images used by Ereferer come from two sources:

  • Pixabay: in this case, the images are royalty-free;
  • 123RF: in this case, the images are protected. However, Ereferer has a partnership with 123RF and is authorized to use their images.


How can I entrust my copywriting projects to writers I like?

For that, it’s important for you to click on “I like” or “I don’t like” when an article is delivered. This way, Ereferer can then offer you writers you liked for future projects.


What do you mean by quotes in an article? And by UL tag/bulleted list?

It is not a quote from an author or celebrity. It’s a way to highlight a specific sentence, usually an important one.

For example, this is a quote!

A UL tag or bulleted list is simply an enumeration or list, like so:

  • First of all [...] ;
  • Then [...] ;
  • Etc.