How do I reference my site in blogs?

Ereferer became known for its blog submission service. It is still possible to do it. Here are the steps to take:

1.       In the left menu, click on the “Purchase” tab.

2.       Click on “Netlinking list”.

3.       In the top right corner, click on the “Add new” button” to create a new list.

4.       Name your list and hit “Save”.

5.       You can now select the blogs in which you wish to be referenced!

6.       Once your blogs selected, don’t forget to click “Save”.

7.       Now that your list is created, you can create your project. To do so, go back to the “Purchase” tab and select “Create a project” from the options.

8.       Indicate your website(s) to be referenced, the netlinking list you just created, the frequency to which you would like to submit in the directories as well as any additional copywriting instructions. Click “Next”.

9.       On this page, you can choose your hyperlinks’ anchor if the directory allows it. You then have to accept the terms and conditions to launch your project!

10.   You’re done. Your project is pending as Ereferer processes the requests in the order in which they come. If there is a bit of a delay, it means there are a lot of projects ahead of yours.