How can I buy sponsored articles?

To buy a sponsored article on Ereferer, click on the “Purchase” tab located in your dashboard. Two options will appear:

1.       Create a project

2.       Quick purchase


1. Create a project

This option will allow you to create a netlinking list from blogs, websites or directories.

From the created list, indicate your URL and define how many times you would like the task to occur per week. Then, we will take care of sending the articles to the selected websites, according to the frequency you stated.

1.2. Create a netlinking list

Before you can create a netlinking project, you will need to select the blogs, websites and directories on which you wish to appear. To do so, click on the “Purchase” tab and then “Netlinking List”. This will bring up the list of various blogs, websites and directories on which you can buy an article.

To create your netlinking list, click on the “Add” button. Fill the blank field with your name and click “Save”. You will then need to fill various information in the “Most used” section, such as:

·        Categories

·        Languages

·        Maximum and minimum price

To learn more about advanced options or publishing rules, go to the “Advanced Options” tab, then click on the “Publishing Rules” tab.

After having selected all the blogs and websites you are interested in, click on “Save”. Now that your netlinking list is created, you can finally start a new netlinking project. To do so, in your dashboard, click on the “Purchase” tab again and then click “Create a project”. You will then need to fill a form, step by step.

1.3. Creating the project

Step 1: URL and frequency

Once on the “Create a project” page, you will need to fill in the following fields:

·        The site’s URL: you can add more than one website by clicking on the green “+” button. This will add as many URL fields as you need.

·        The netlinking list;

·        The frequency on which you would like the tasks to be executed.

If you have additional instructions, you can indicate them in the blank field at the bottom of the page. If not, you can click “Next” to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Confirmation

During this step, you will need to indicate how the anchor will appear in the article, for each site you selected.

You also need to specify if you would like to check and read over the articles before they get published. Please note, it’s not possible to read over the articles submitted to directories. This option is only available for articles published on blogs and websites.

Once you’re done and ready to finalize your sponsored article order, you can click “Confirm”.


2. Quick purchase

To make a quick sponsored article purchase on Ereferer, all you need to do is click “Quick Purchase”.

In this section, you can only buy one article at a time. But thanks to this option, you won’t have to create a netlinking list every time you want to buy a sponsored article on Ereferer.

You will be able to choose the writer of the article according to the partner’s settings. Three options are available:

·        Written by Ereferer

·        Written by you

·        Written by the partner.